Southern food reigns.

He and I agree on very little when comparing the northeastern region of the U.S. to its southern counterpart. He’s a staunch Northerner who wears only a flannel shirt in 15 degree weather, proselytizing about the beauty of this tundra we call home as he joyfully shovels heaps of snow from our walkway. I’m a Southern transplant layered in as many clothes as I can manage while still maintaining the ability to move, cursing the bitter cold and praying for the end of winter.

Though we disagree on pretty much every aspect of climate and culture pertaining to these two regions, we agree wholeheartedly on one thing: Southern food is better. As such, I have been crusading to recreate some of the foods we can’t get here. First on the list: Chik-Fil-A sandwiches.

Chik-Fil-A sandwich

I came across a copycat recipe on Pinterest. Except for the called-for 2 tbsp of powdered milk and the MSG, I followed the recipe exactly. My sandwiches tasted identical to classic Chik-Fil-A; the only noticeable difference being in the color of the breading. I attribute this variation to my refusal on principle to spend $10.00 on powdered milk but believe it more likely to be that I made the sandwiches in the North and the gods of Southern food are displeased.